Salem’s own charter sailboat.

You’ll be sailing on our beloved Friendship Sloop Wenonah. It’s the boat you’ll experience Salem on with sails raised high. Getting out on the harbor, anytime from sunrise to sunset, has to be on your list of things to do in Salem. The boat is perfect for relaxing day sails or romantic getaways, picnics on the water, private events and parties. Get to know Wenonah and then ask us about a sail!

The north shore of Boston is home to some of the finest sailing yachts in the country. You will fit right in cruising aboard a recently restored, traditionally rigged Friendship sloop. This beautiful style of vessel has been used in the area since the 1800s, first by lobstermen as a work boat and later as a pleasure craft.

Friendship Sloop Wenonah

Make: Bruno & Stillman Friendship 30

Launched: 1971

Length: 31 ft.

Capacity: US Coast Guard Certified for up to 6 guests, a captain & a mate

Wenonah was modeled after the lobstering boats used in New England. They were the work boat of choice in the late 1800s and early 1900s for lobstermen due to their ease of handling, stability, and abundant space on deck. While Wenonah is larger than many older sloops, her proportions are true to the original design, and she’s been afforded a cozy cabin forward of her spacious cockpit.

Before boats ran on dinosaurs, Friendship sloops were the perfect fishing and lobster potting boat.

Line drawing of a Friendship Sloop

Friendship Sloops
and their history in New England

Friendship sloops have a long history in New England. They were popularized in the late 1800s, built primarily in Maine after the fishing schooners and sailboats of North Shore fishing ports like Gloucester, Boston and Salem. These slick sloops were the traditional  New England lobster boat before after gas and diesel motors took to the seas.

Friendship sloops are gaff-rigged, single-mast sailboats. They have full keels  (the wing-shaped hull dipping deep into the water runs the whole length of the boat) and have bowsprits (the large spar coming out the bow) and can carry even more sails with a topmast. The gaff is the large beam the raises up the mast and allows Wenonah to carry a serious amount of canvas. Whether it’s barely blowing out or its a full gale, the gaff rig grants a sailor the ultimate flexibility and control in the amount of sail to raise. You can take it easy when  you’re out with friends, cruising around the Bay; but there’s plenty of room for headsails when you’re really trying to get places–you have to experience a sailboat race in Salem, MA aboard a ship like Wenonah!

One mast and a gaff, the spar that carries the sail up the mast, makes it a Friendship Sloop.

Old-time Friendship Sloop Wenonah from the 1970s

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